List of changes for Version 0.7.1[]

(see also file NEWS in source)

  • colinux-daemon:
    • Obsoleted the use of XML files for configuration. XML config files have been removed. Use the command-line syntax in a name=value per line plain text file instead. Please read syntax from colinux-daemon.txt and view into the file example.conf in coLinux install directory.
    • Added support for @ at the command line for passing simple configuration files.
    • Added '-k' option to suppress kernel messages on boot. This should let you watch other daemon's output more easily.
    • Incrase the maximum numbers of monitors from 16 to 64.
    • Warn about double configured index for cobd, eth, cofs, ttys, exec.
    • Print human readable error, if wrong linux.sys installed.
    • Return errorlevel procedures (return from running, --install-driver, --status-driver, ...) Errorcodes: 0=OK, 3=driver version mismatch, 14=driver no installed, 255=general fail (-1)
    • New: "execX=..." in configuration, launch external programs.
    • Bug fix: Quotation marks detection in config file and args, samples:
      eth0=tuntap,"LAN-Connection 14",00:11:22:33:44:55
      cofs0="C:\My files"
    • New: "ttysX=..." in configuration, launch coserial daemon. Internaly parameters "-f DeviceName -m Mode" for colinux-serial-daemon. Serial daemon is light usable under WinNT, you can login on /dev/ttyS0 or redirect serial communication port (COM1 for sample).
    • Workaround for Xeon and P4 with DEP/noexecute problems (flush_tlb).
  • Console:
    • "set COLINUX_CONSOLE_EXIT_ON_DETACH=1" to close FLTK/NT console after shutting down and detach coLinux.
    • Menu Monitor Select is usable to select ones from running instances.
  • Service running:
    • Shutdown the service, if Windows is shutting down.
    • All files and config file no longer needs absolute path names on '--install-service'. Working directory stored for service run later.
  • Kernel:
    • has been updated from 2.6.11 to 2.6.12
    • Bug #1479042: Ignore bootparm "no387", while no emulation is enabled
    • Bug #1665812: Disable /proc/kcore from kernel config. Reading from this file would crash host system.
    • Bug #1643371: BSOD from dmidecode, fixed by disallow mmap on /dev/mem.
  • Updated libraries:
    • MinGW from 3.7 to 3.9
    • w32api from 3.2 to 3.4
    • WinPcap from 3.1-beta4 to 3.1
    • FLTK from 1.1.4 to 1.1.6
    • Remove all XML libraries from source
  • Installer:
    • Add new images ArchLinux and FedoraCore5.
    • Gentoo image updated.
    • Add locations Australia and SouthAmerica
    • Used NSIS version 2.22
  • initrd:
    • Automatic use cofs31 as path to file vmlinux-modules.tar.gz.
    • Print error on console, if initrd can't load.
    • Bugfix: 'root=/dev/...' must no longer the first bootparm for initrd.
  • cofs:
    • Break out the limit of filename length. Basename length up to 255 chars. Fullpath is limited by path depth of 256 directories.
    • Bug #1151757: COFS disallow mutiple mounts.
    • Bug #1190080: Fix cofs file time/mode/flags after touch or write.
    • Fix mmap read error behind end of file (was not zero filled).
  • TAP-Win32 device driver
    • version 8.4 update from openvpn-2.1_beta15a
    • usable without admin rights
    • fixed crashing Vista
    • connection speed status 100 MBit/s (show/view only)
    • 'Check for truncated IPv4 packets' diabled
    • without linker debug symbols, without runtime debugging
  • pcap/Bridged:
    • Allows empty name for autosearch a connected LAN interface.
  • slirp:
    • SLiRP is the first choice of colinux networking types (easy setup).
    • Multiple redirection as parameter ':count' (Thanks to Bernd Brandstetter)
    • UDP receive Buffer incrase to 32K (win32 default was 8K), maximal size of a packet is 32767 bytes now. (Thanks to Bernd Brandstetter)
    • Incrase TCP MSS from 512 to 1460 bytes.
    • Remove honypot ports 517, 518 and 7648 from udp listen. Talk and Cu-Seeme are not implemented, still remove the table now.
    • Runtime debug code disabled.
  • Introduce a new build system:
    • Target kernel dir splitt into source and objects. New params --targetkernelsource and --targetkernelbuild as replacement for the obsolete --targetkerneldir for configure.
    • Allow to use ccache (
    • Use quilt for kernel patches, if quilt installed, fallback if not.
    • 'make package' creates one zip archive with and an other without debugging symbols. The zip with symbols only will no more create.
    • New param --gcc-guest-build for configure: Creates the kernel gcc from source of cross gcc, if your system has an incompatible gcc.
    • New parameter --verbose for configure.
    • Python bin/ colinux:
      • Automatic awareness of changes in header files.
      • Doesn't require 'make clean' between compilation of different coLinux ports.
      • Clean, flexible and easier to maintain.
  • Add icons to the other executables.
  • Linux as host: More positive tested host kernels: 2.6.17, 2.6.18

Upgrading from 0.6.x to 0.7.1[]

  • XML config files have been removed. Use the command-line syntax in a name=value per line plain text file instead (see colinux-daemon.txt):
  • Replace the '-c name' with '@name' as parameter for colinux-daemon.
  • Locate for tool "colinux-xml2cfg", a XML to CFG converter for coLinux on SF or here
  • The file initrd contains no modules. Modules are only in the file vmlinux-modules.tar.gz. The initrd extracts modules over device cofs31 automaticly, if you configure it as "initrd=initrd.gz" in config file. After modules are installed, you can remove the initrd from config.
  • If upgrading from 0.6.1, see README.txt for 0.6.2 or Wiki for information about other issues when upgrading.