List of changes for Version 0.6.4[]

  • colinux-daemon: Fix incorrect explaination in --help, for --remove-driver. SF Bug#1483449
  • Improved building
    • improvements to cut down on disk size needed to build coLinux
    • improvements to make process smoother and better handle some errors
    • Fix do_wp_page: bogus page at address <address> (mainly seen with syslog) when linux is host.
      Thanks to Robert for >=2.6.13 part (2006-02-26) and Bernd Brandstetter for 2.6.12 (2005-10-01).
      Tested host kernels: 2.6.10, 2.6.11, 2.6.12, 2.6.13,, 2.6.15, 2.6.16-rc5
  • Fix daemons to read more than one message
  • Fix for dropped UDP/TCP packets between linux and host daemons.
  • cofs and cobd:
    • Allow relative paths in XML (except for \Device & \DosDevices)
    • Remove trailing backslashes from cofs paths
    • Improve console output of mapped devices & paths
    • Case insensitive scans for duplicate paths
  • cobd:
    • Fix for reference to NULL-Pointer
  • cofs:
    • Fix BSOD for long non-ansi names in directory
      (Thanks to Kensuke Matsuzaki)
    • Fix for handling longer basenames (from 127 to 255)
  • slirp:
    • Handle larger UDP/TCP packet (more than 3000...4000 bytes of user data
    • Fix realloc problem that caused slirp to crash
      (Thanks to Bernd Brandstetter for finding it)
    • Always set destination address and port, destination port is not always the same
      (Thanks to Bern Brandstetter for finding & submitting patch)
    • bind to Window's localhost, instead of window's LAN adapter
    • Packets from Windows host are translated to, other packets are routed but not translated
    • Slirp redirection now works without any real network adapter
    • Fix Slirp redirection to work on LAN if colinux started before LAN is connected
  • pcap/Bridged:
    • Add promisc="false" in config.xml, or 'nopromisc' as last command-line argument
      (ie, eth1=pcap,"Local Area Connection","<FAKE MAC>",nopromisc ).
      Default is Promiscuous on.

Known Issues with current 0.6.4[]

  • Take an overview what types of very new 64bit CPU crashing, if XP SP2 runs with NoExecute and DEP.
  • Initrd crashes Windows on Intel M processors - see Bugtracker #1428974
  • Initrd and mem=128 crashes Windows - remove the initrd from config after first start.