List of changes for Version 0.6.3[]

  • Fixed "VFS: Cannot open root device" after installation modules from initrd (linuxrc). Mostly on jurnaled filesystems such reiser or ext3.
  • Automatic find interface, if name is empty for winpcap bridged.
  • Resolved SF Bug# 1235993 - Crash if find or locatedb runs on cofs.
  • Fixes issue with Services being killed during Windows Shutdown, instead of Windows waiting for the Service to shutdown properly.
  • Fixes for memory size that are not a multiple of 4 (caused crashes).
  • Improved console i/o peroformance (especially on XP)
  • Resolved SF Bug# 1117510 - README file lacks information.
  • Resolved SF Bug# 1117511 - coLinux exits with our error message when given a bad ethX command-line argument.
  • Restricted access to /dev/mem & /dev/kmem (fixes some udev and install program problems)
  • Add CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-DEL to do an CTRL-ALT-DEL in NT Console
  • Added Unicode name support to cofs
  • Fixed problem with cofs, where creating a directory caused a crash of Windows.
  • Made error messages slightly more friendly.
  • Optimized a little bit for non-PAE machines.
  • Fixed issue with reboot when doing a rename on cofs.
  • Kernel has been updated from 2.6.10 to 2.6.11 to fix console slowness, in addition some patches to 2.6.11 to fix problems with crashes.
  • Synced several linux files for linux host builds to winnt files for winnt host builds.
  • build scripts now use POSIX shell syntax.
  • Max Memory upted to 1000MB & tested.
  • Fixed problem with cofs, where doing "df" on Win2k caused 100% cpu usage.
  • Updated slirp code, slirp is now a very stable network option.
  • FLTK console's font name and size can be specified by an environment variable (only allows fixed width fonts): set COLINUX_CONSOLE_FONT=Lucida Console:12
  • Added "sdo" to scsi aliasing.
  • Lots of other document, little bugs, etc...

Known Issues with current 0.6.3[]