Version 0.6.2[]

Known Issues with 0.6.2[]

  • Configuring cofs in XML config requires prepending \??\ (or \DosDevices\), command-line cofs does not.
  • rdesktop interfers with ALT-F4 (and probably others)
  • initrd.gz seems to not work with ro in the bootparams on some configurations
  • there seems to be an issue with ext2/3 drivers in Windows (explore2fs) even if they aren't mounted when accessing the same partition from colinux: coLinux reports I/O errors. so uninstall explore2fs if necessary.
  • Disabling TAP Adapter while coLinux is running may cause an crash of coLinux (AV I believe)
  • slirp may not work at all on some computers, other may work, then crash
  • Bridged network setups on computers that use checksum-offloading might stop working after an upgrade from 0.6.1 This affects especially 3com adapters. You can disable this "feature" in the driver configuration.
  • Anti-Virus programs and coLinux don't always get along, ensure that you turn off AV or uninstall

it to rule it out as a source of the problem. As an example of this... "Dr.Web for windows" version 4.32b was provent to be blocking access to an 4G sparse image file, uninstalling it the 4G file worked as expected.

  • the default password for the official coLinux filesystem images is now : root. on most other images, it is empty.

Upgrading from 0.6.1 to current 0.6.2[]

Root file systems and the Linux 2.6.x kernel:

  • Images for Linux 2.6.x - a list of the existing images and their replacements ready for use with 2.6.x
  • Linux 2.6.x with existing installs
  • note: the fc1 image will boot and load modules with 2.6.x out of the box (you still have to extract the modules tarball ofc)
  • pcap bridged connection now need a unique substring of your network connection name (usually "Local Area Connection"), in older coLinux versions (pre-0.6.2) it was a substring of your network adapter's name (ie 3Com, Broadcom, Intel, etc). (hint was hidden somewhere on Networking)

Before reporting any problems after upgrading, see Tips When Upgrading Colinux.