This page should be used to collect information on how to use the current Ubuntu version 9.10 Karmic Koala with coLinux.

Kernel Version[]

The mountall program used in Ubuntu Karmic uses /proc/self/mountinfo to ensure partitions are mounted properly. This file has been introduced by the linux kernel version 2.6.26. Therefore Ubuntu Karmic is not compatible with coLinux versions prior to 0.7.8.

coLinux kernel[]

Thanks to the coLinux mailing list I discovered that there is an experimental coLinux kernel for download. According to the author, this kernel is widely untested, but seems to run quite well. The mountinfo issue disappears, the new modules are installed into the Karmic file system, but then the boot process hangs. This issue seems to be missing squashfs support in the kernel binaries (although squashfs is provided as a module), which is essential to access the initial ramdisk of Ubuntu Karmic.

  • coLinux version 0.7.7 with kernel is released and available on SourceForge now

coLinux kernel 2.6.33[]

  • coLinux 0.7.8 containing kernel should be able to run Karmic
  • You can build your own disk image using the instructions from Cobootstrap.