Purpose: The purpose of this is to be a checklist of things to *do/check* before you report a problem to developers about your colinux networking not working after an upgrade.

  • If using TAP: Remove the TAP driver. with the command "colinux-daemon.exe --remove-driver" then reinstall it with "colinux-daemon.exe --install-driver".
  • If using TAP: Remove any TAP networking driver looking stuff in, your device manager. (If there is any) (In WinXP: Start->Control Panel->System->Hardware->Device Manager-> Network Adapters-> Right click on TAP->uninstall) Uninstall Colinux using the official colinux uninstaller. (In WinXP: Start->Control Panel->Add or Remove Programs->(In Left Pane)Change or Remove Programs->(In the Right Pane)Colinux-> Change/Remove) Then reinstall.
  • Reboot
  • Install the colinux version you want to use, using the official colinux installer.
  • If using Internet Connection Sharing to serve colinux networking: Shut it off. Ok out of everything. Then go back to the connection you are sharing to colinux and turn it back on again (and make sure you set colinux as what you are sharing your connection to).
  • If using TAP: Make sure that your IP for the colinux TAP is and that your Netmask is As well make sure that you have nothing else set in your TAP Networking connection IP settings.
  • If the colinux-version is part of the 'uname -r' kernel-version name, it may be necessary to create links to the lib/module directory, e.g. 'cd /lib/modules;ln -s 2.6.11-co-0.6.3 2.6.11-co-0.6.4'. Modules have kernel depensis. Better, you installs modules from upgrate, see Debianmodules.