The following is a list of terms, concepts and programs that are common in *nix-land but which are either hidden, have a different counterpart in Windows or are not part of a standard Window's installation. From here on, only Linux will be mentioned, but nearly every one of these is derived from Unix.

_In Linux, *everything* is a file._


Linux Common[]

Some distributions have slightly different mechanisms for configuration, particularly for networking and service handling. This first section contains items that are common across virtually all Linux distributions.


On Linux, this directory contatins most of the configuration items related to your Linux installation, including some of your installed software.

_Windows Equivalent:_ The Window's Registry comes closest in concept. Unlike the Window's Registry, =/etc/= is a regular directory containing regular files (and other directories).


This file contains the configuration of all of the filesystem devices that Linux knows about. _fstab_ stands for _File System Table_.

_Windows Equivalent:_ none


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