Can we mount a Windows partition as read-only, in order to scan it for viruses from colinux, bypassing any potential rootkits in the Windows installation?

This would be a neat Killer Application, since it's so easy to run colinux from a portable usb hard-drive.

Windows 7 mounting[]

It appears that you have to "unmount" a partition in windows 7 to be able to mount it under colinux.

Was only able to test this with my FAT32 formatted USB stick:

If you are trying to mount it when it still accessible under windows you get a "cannot read superblock error" in colinux. You have to go to the Disk manager in Windows 7, remove the assigned drive letter and then mount the device under colinux with \Device\HarddiskVolumeX to use it. After that you can reassign the drive letter.