<evernever, 2006-08-13T14:52:04> Just corrected the emerge command. It was "emerge sync", which would emerge the package "sync", not update portage. So now it is: "emerge --sync"

<piyo, 2004-07-18T13:17:03+0900> If you want more detail about a "VNC terminal server", you could always reference the HOWTO guide Xvnc terminal server. It explains how to set up with KDE (kdm) and/or Gnome (gdm). The above step 5 is good for trying out vnc as root, but surely it is not recommended for normal use.

<piyo, 2004-07-18T13:28:31+0900> You may have more than one gentoo "box" in your LAN. There is a way to proxy "emerge sync" and "emerge _package_" so that accesses to a remote network can be kept to a minimum. Check out the HOWTO guides Local Rsync Mirror and Download Cache for LAN-Http-Replicator.

<stefan, 20004-09-09> Uhm... exactly how is a windowsuser supposed to be able to use something as nonuserfriendly as vim?!? Anyone capable of using vim probably doesn't need this tutorial to begin with and a compleat beginner to Linux have enough things to wrap his mind around without trying to learn right there and then a texteditor with an aqward UI that doesn't even follow the defacto Linux standard for how to quit the app.

Changed all default instructions to use nano instead.

<inwits, 2004-09-19> tbh mate, this isn't exactly the best route for a beginner to get into linux. better to acquire a spare pc and do a mandrake or redhat install... much simpler.

<Razor-X, 2004-10-24> Well, personally, i'd find double booting an OS or wiping a HDD for the first time a bit daunting of a task for a first time Linux user, but maybe i'm the only one that respects my data ;-P. And to the vi note, i'm a 14 year old (13 when I wrote the original doc) and I swear by vi even still. I don't think vi should be THAT hard to pick up (and it also did not occur to me that there were simpler editors, even though I had used nano). Thanks everyone for contributing to the doc. Things like this show the true power of a wiki.

You will probably rapidly find the 2G is small for your root FS. Please have a read of ExpandingRoot for help to create a bigger one.

42. Ready for some more fun Take a look at Gentoo tips and tricks GentooTAT

<TimG, 7/29/2005> Updated and changed most sections. Added example config files. Hope its useful.

<DanEllis, 2006-3-25>Updated a bit based on recent experience. emerge -sync worked without the portage directory, and anyway there was no way to download it (there being no lynx or ftp in the default distribution). Also loading tightvnc filled the disc.