Migration Report from MoinMoin into MediaWiki[]

This Wiki was MassTranslated from MoinMoinWiki into MediaWiki. Mostly of pages are converted good. The metadatas (history and users) are not transferred.

Some Pages are converted with errors. This is the short howto for corrections.[]

There are mostly errors in links. This starts mostly with three or more breacets [[[[Wrong Page]]]].
Please correct this into [[Good Page]].

Some Links with piped name are not correct converted. Please edit this from [[[[Page]]:View]] or [[Page:View]]
and change it into media wiki format [[Page|view]]. The Page and Text are separated by pipe instand double dots.
External web pages don't need the pipe, for example [ HOME] will be seen as HOME.

Some interwiki-links are not converted right. Comes from web link, that should be write as wiki link.

wrong example: []
Should change into: [[Network]]

Find all old linked pages, find all bad current pages. Hidden pages can be find via Main toolbox Special pages and than Orphaned pages

Some code blocks between <pre> <nowiki> and </nowiki> </pre> are filled with Wiki link syntax.
Please still remove the breakets [[ ]].
For sample


Numbered List are converted as
1. bla
1. bla
1. bla.
Replace this with #, it must start at the first coloumn, without spaces before.

Some texts are market with ***. This prints emty subtitles before the text.
Please remove the ***, or replace they with ---- (a Line)
for sample:

      • This mistaken here

All tables and colourings are not converted. You will see such text

 ||<#ff8080> Firefox ||<|3>||
 ||<#ff8080> Xvnc ||

This need a manual corrections.
NoExecuteDEP is a good sample for Table with coloring.

If you see a red text TableOfContents, then please remove the [[TableOfContents]].
If you wish a Table of Contens on a special position, then replace the old command with new syntax __TOC__ .

References and Links[]

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