The info on this page seems to be a couple of years old. There is 
documentation about building inside the snapshots on this page:

If you wish to build your own copy of the coLinux Windows executables under Linux, you will need to have a cross-compiling environment. The tarball below contains all the necessary source code, scripts, and patches to build such an environment and to create the coLinux executables. In brief, the script does four steps:

1. untars the included source code, including the colinux-20040421 snapshot
1. applies the patches to the colinux source code
1. creates the Win32 build environment for creating Windows executables
1. builds the colinux Windows executables, putting them in ./colinux-20040421/build/mingw32/dist/

Download a copy of the Linux build environment of the 20040421 snapshot via BitTorrent:

To get a BitTorrent client for your platform (Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux, etc.), visit:

You can also run the script by itself, and it wil download the necessary source code and patches.

Tested distros and results:

Knoppix 3.3-2004.02.09 || works Debian/coLinux || gboutwell: It's tough, there's barely enough disk space there, you have to apt-get alot of tools, and unless you get an gcc better than 3.0 on Debian Stable you can't compile the colinux kernel in Debian Stable. But if you upgrade (to Testing or Unstable) and get a newer gcc, you should be able to. See BuildingWithDebian for details. Gentoo/coLinux || co Linux with Gentoo is my dev platform for building individual exes - everything but the installer, which you don't really need for development purposes (<Gniarf>)
Mac OS/X does not work.
Fedora Core 1 does not work. Possibly because X11 is not installed. Still testing.
Fedora Core 2 does work. (Need xorg-x11-devel)
Libranet/Debian 2.8.1 works if wine is not installed (this may be necessary for other distros, too)
Red Hat 9 works (both 20040421 and 20040423 snapshots)
SuSE 9.0 does work. (Use bison for yacc). Older version works only, if gcc 3.3.x was self compiled for host system (see configure script after snapshot 20041208)

Copy of the script:

# (c) 2004 - Robert Citek
# licensed under the GPL -
set -x

# setup environment

export snapshot=20040421
export build_patch=20040421
export SOURCE_DIR=$PWD/source
export PREFIX=$PWD/mingw32
for i in $SOURCE_DIR $PREFIX ; do
  [ -d $i ] || mkdir -p $i || exit 1

# download tar files
wget -N -P $SOURCE_DIR$snapshot.tar.gz
wget -N -P $SOURCE_DIR$build_patch

# untar
tar -xzf $SOURCE_DIR/colinux-$snapshot.tar.gz

# apply patch
( cd colinux-$snapshot
patch -p1 < $SOURCE_DIR/$build_patch
chmod u+x ./bin/

# build
( cd colinux-$snapshot/bin

A copy of the readme file:

(c) 2004 Robert Citek
Other portions copyrighted by their respective owners.
Unless otherwise stated all files licensed under the GPL

This is a complete set of source files and patches required to build
the Win32 build environment and build the colinux-20040421 snapshot
under linux.  This has been tested and seems to work under a stock
install of Red Hat 9 linux.  I had mixed results with Libranet/Debian

For more information on coLinux:

Join the colinux-devel mailing list to provide feedback:

Check the wiki page for tips, tricks, FAQs:

To get this tar-file via BitTorrent:

= Tree structure showing all files and directories

|-- readme
`-- source/
    |-- binutils-2.15.90-20040222-1-src.tar.gz
    |-- colinux-20040421.tar.gz
    |-- fltk-1.1.4-source.tar.bz2
    |-- gcc-core-3.3.1-20030804-1-src.tar.gz
    |-- gcc-g++-3.3.1-20030804-1-src.tar.gz
    |-- mingw-runtime-3.2.tar.gz
    |-- mxml-1.3.tar.gz
    |-- w32api-2.5-src.tar.gz
    |-- w32api-2.5.tar.gz

= Full build

1 - untar the tar file
2 - cd into ./
3 - type './'

= Credits

Dan Aloni - for providing the 20040421 snapshot

George - "gboutwel" - for providing the patch

The OpenSource community for everything else.

notes :

currently we estimate that one needs from 600 Mo to 1 Go of free space to store :

  • all source tarballs of colinux and required libraries and tools, including the Linux kernel itself,
  • the unpacked source files themselves,
  • and all the files being compiled and linked.

You will have to carefully watch your remaining space left if you try to fit into 500 or 600 Mo (not taking the rest of the system into account). You will feel much more at ease with 900 Mo or 1 Go.

Current release 0.6.2 or newer source, stored on public source control Monotone repository, include a user like ./configure for easy download and build the cross environment on your platform. Tested on RedHat, Fedora, Debian and SuSE.

./configure && make && make install

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