Gentoo 2005.1 Image for Kernel 2.6.x[]


1. DHCP has been added.


Stock network configuration[]
1. The network is already configured for tap, connection sharing. It is already set up for a static ip address of .  If you have already set up the tap network adapter to share your ethernet line, all you have to do to start networking  is type: /etc/init.d/net.eth0 start . Or add it to the startup sequence with the command: rc-update add net.eth0 default .
1. If you wish to use dhcp, set up /etc/conf.d/net.eth0 as per the documentation in /etc/conf.d/net.eth0 or as instructed in the other colinux gentoo wiki pages or the gentoo handbook/forums.
1. First thing to do would be to sync. Type: emerge --sync .  Chances are also that a newer version of portage is out. You should type: emerge portage .
1. Modules for the specific colinux kernel version you are using are not included. You're on your own to figure out how to do that.  My favorite way is to set up a ssh server on colinux and send them over sftp. You should be able to start the ssh server with the command "/etc/init.d/sshd start" and then transfer the module's tar file using [1] in windows.  You may also add sshd to the bootup sequence by typing "rc-update add sshd default".  (sshd_config is set up to allow logins by root)

Gentoo 2004.3 Core Image for Kernel 2.6.x[]

Gentoo core image was developed for following purpose:

1. Original Gentoo deluxe image too large 300 MB(extracted to 2G bytes)
1. We need a workable Gentoo Image for Kernel 2.6
1. Use the cofs file system to access windows file system

The result is a file system which is just stage3 image.

Install Instruction:

  • Download newest version from Colinux Snapshots, install it to c:\colinux. Don't choose the download images option.
  • Use c:\colinux\topo\topoenlarge.bat to enlarge the gentoo512 more space.(About 1G or 2G)
  • Download newest portage snapshots put it in c:\colinux, for example, portage-20041118.tar.bz2
  • Execute the c:\colinux\gentoo.bat, enter gentoo linux, use the account root, we don't need password. (If hitting enter doesn't work at the password prompt, use root as the password as well.)
  • Enable your swap partition (This assumes that you set one up in your config file)
If you have created the swap image file by yourself, you must type
mkswap /dev/cobd/1
  for the first time. Then:
swapon /dev/cobd/1
Note:  The syntax for specifying the swap device is different than used with the Deluxe image for 2.4
  • Put the portage snapshot into /usr/portage directory(Todo: Here we demonstrate the method to access MS-Windows files)
cd /usr
tar xjpf /c/colinux/portage-20041118.tar.bz2

MassTranslated on 25 Dec 2004.

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