Configuration CFG Format[]

Configuration by an XML config file is obsolete. You can use it only in stable 0.6.X version of coLinux. The version 0.7.1 informs you:

XML configuration files are obsolete. Please pass command line
options, or use '@' to pass a command-line compatible configuration
file (e.g. @config.txt)

The complete list of all entries for the new format is installed as file colinux-daemon.txt in your coLinux installation.

A converter from XML to CFG is available as on SF or here

Overview of replacements from XML into CFG format[]

old XML format new Text format
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
This XML headers needs to remove
<block_device index="0" path="\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\debian-image" enabled="true"/> cobd0="c:\coLinux\debian-image"
<block_device index="1" path="\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\swap_256M" enabled="true"/> cobd1="c:\coLinux\swap_256M"
<block_device index="2" path="\Device\Cdrom0" enabled="true"/> cobd2=\Device\Cdrom0
<block_device index="3" path="\Device\Harddisk1\Partition2" enabled="true"/> cobd3=\Device\Harddisk1\Partition2
<bootparams>root=/dev/cobd0</bootparams> root=/dev/cobd0
<image path="vmlinux"/> kernel=vmlinux
<memory size="64"/> mem=64
<network index="0" name="VMnet8" type="tap" mac="11:11:11:11:11:12"/> eth0=tuntap,"VMnet8",11:11:11:11:11:12
</colinux> This XML footer needs to remove

Configuration XML Format[]

coLinux used to use an XML config file. So you may follow the Simple XML Rules to edit this file.

Note:: Colinux's XML parser will not accept leading byte order mark in the XML file (and outputs strange error message when it fails to read the characters). If you're unsure what encoding your text/xml editor uses when saving the file, and you're not using any accentuated characters or other non-ASCII ones, it is safer to save the file in ASCII rather than using any UTF-8 or Unicode-like encoding (ASCII is a subset of UTF-8, so you can leave encoding='UTF-8' in the XML prologue).

Here are the keys (click on one of the key names to get more information about that particular key):

<block_device index='IDNUM' path='DEVICEPATH' enabled='true'/> the block devices to be emulated
<bootparams>BOOT PARAMS</bootparams> boot parameters passed to the kernel
<image path='VMLINUXIMAGE'/> the Linux kernel to boot (with the colinux patches)
<memory size='QUANTITY'/> how much physical memory to use
<network index='IDNUM' name='SUBSTRING' type='TYPE' mac='MACADDRESS'/> the network cards to be emulated

Here is an example file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <block_device index="0" path="\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\gentoo-i586-ext3-2g-deluxe" enabled="true"/>
    <block_device index="1" path="\DosDevices\c:\coLinux\swap_256M" enabled="true"/>
    <block_device index="2" path="\Device\Cdrom0" enabled="true"/>
    <block_device index="3" path="\Device\Harddisk1\Partition2" enabled="true"/>
    <image path="vmlinux"/>
    <memory size="64"/>
    <network index="0" name="VMnet8" type="tap"  mac="11:11:11:11:11:12"/>

Other example config files.