I have experienced a number of problems with hhProxy and coLinux (e.g. connection aborts) and tried to run coLinux with FreeProxy instead. It turns out that this is _very_ easy:

  • First, install and run the program
  • When the first dialog appears, click on the first *list* *item* named "Port"
 (do *not* *click* the *Ports* *Buttons*)
  • A new dialog appears, describing the current HTTP/HTTPS configuration.
  • enable "Use local binding" and select your virtual network card, e.g.
 "TAP VPN Adapter" if you're using TAP-Win32 driver
  • change the "Client Port" number if you need to, this is the port that will
 be used by the server to listen to incoming requests from your coLinux
 virtual machine
  • if you're already using a HTTP proxy under Windows, enable
 "Use Proxy Server" and enter the name/address of your proxy, as well as
 the port used to access it
  • Click on "Done"
  • You're back at the main dialog, click on the "Start/Stop" button to
 start freeproxy. A dialog will ask you wether you want it started as
 a service or a console application.
 You should start in console mode the first time just to check that
 everything goes well (it should). On later invokations, use "Service"
 mode (freeproxy then minimizes to the system tray without clutter)
  • If you need a FTP proxy, you'll need to add that by clicking the
 "Ports" button on the main dialog, and select Protocol "FTP Proxy",
 configuration is very similar to HTTP Proxy.

You'll also need to configure your coLinux machine to use the proxy. The simplest way to do that is to do:

  export http_proxy=~

where "" is the address of your virtual adapter (TAP-Win32) for both Windows and coLinux, and "8080" the "Client Port" specified in the configuration dialog. A FTP proxy configuration looks like:

  export ftp_proxy=~

where "21" is the "Client Port" selected for the proxy (21 by default)

Voilà, you're done !

  • Your proxy server is ready

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