User Screenshots[]

Lars Olson[]

  • <LarsOlson>Gather links to pages with screenshots of coLinux. On this page, you might want to just show a small thumbnail image w/description, and point to the domain who holds the full size picture. (to reduce bandwidth). If you don't have a thumbnail or that complication, post a full shot here until you do.
  • Below showing midnight commander running. We need to change the keyboard layout to act more like Total Commander, methinks


  • Below shows a client for windows, along with a server running command line in Linux, that I built in order to talk to coLinux through network client-server TCP/IP. Now I can remote control coLinux to compile or run commands from windows software.


  • Below shows an apache web server successfully running on coLinux, so that I can access it in my web browser from windows.


  • Below shows freepascal IDE running and compiling thousands of lines of code successfully. --Lars



Gm Screenshots[]

colinux-2004-03-04.png shows a maximized Visual Studio .NET in the background. In the lower right you can see a console from coLinux with output of the mono C 1. compiler mcs. In the lower left: my GTK 1. test application started from Visual Studio. In the upper right: the same application started from a co Linux console. That means it runs under Linux. Look at the taskbar button next to the clock: "U:\myfiles\...". This is a network drive connected to a coLinux samba server. Here, my test application's source files reside.

Custom start menu entries for coLinux:

  • _coLinux - Start with Fire Daemon_ -- starts coLinux as service. You don't see any window popping up.
  • _rxvt - aep@colinux_ -- opens an cygwin rxvt console that automatically logs me on to coLinux.
  • _coLinux - startxwin_ -- starts the cygwin X Server with coLinux settings.
  • _coLinux - halt_ -- shuts down coLinux.

More Screenshots[]

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