This is extremely similar to building a regular kernel, but there are a couple "gotchas". Mostly, cooperative_fs.h must be modified, as explained in , and make sure to always use gcc-3.3 (which is the cross-compiler used for the coLinux daemon 2.6.3 (as of 2006-07-8)).

Mostly follow the instructions in Building_a_custom_kernel . Make sure to get kernel version 2.6.11.x, since the coLinux patch hasn't been ported to 2.6.12 yet.

Configure Apt, and prep system[]

  • Once you've applied the patches, you have to edit /usr/src/linux/include/linux/cooperative_fs.h and enclose the whole file between #ifndef FUSE_KERNEL_VERSION / #endif.

Build the kernel[]

  • when making vmlinux, make sure to specify the right gcc. For example, on debian unstable: make CC=gcc-3.3 vmlinux (use CC=gcc-3.4 if you're using coLinux 0.6.4)
  • same for the modules

Follow the rest of the instructions without any change.

Building fuse[]

  • VERY IMPORTANT: /usr/src/linux must not have changed since you built the kernel.
  • ALSO IMPORTANT: Use CC=gcc-3.4 for all steps below if you're using coLinux 0.6.4

1. Get fuse (

2. extract it in ~/fuse

3. run

      cd ~/fuse

4. run

      ./configure CC=gcc-3.3 --with-kernel=/usr/src/linux
   You might want to use --with-auto-modprobe to load the module automatically

5. run

      make CC=gcc-3.3

6. run

      make CC=gcc-3.3 install

That's it! The module is installed. You can try it out by following the instruction at, section Trying it out

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