i (plugwash) consider an image 2.6.x compatible if i can boot, extract the modules tarball (this may involve installing stuff on some images just as with 2.4.x images) and modprobe ip_tables

existing image for use with 2.4.x equivalent image for use with 2.6.x (and hopefully also 2.4.x)
Debian-20040605.ext3.1610mb.bz2 Debian-20040605-mit.ext3.1610mb.bz2
Debian-3.0r0.ext3.1gb.bz2 Debian-3.0r2.ext3-mit-backports.1gb.bz2
gentoo-i586-ext3-2g-deluxe.bz2 Gentoo-2.6.7-colinux-0.6.2.bz2
gentoo-i686-ext3-1gb.bz2 "Now 2GB": Gentoo-colinux-stage3-x86-2004.3.bz2

notes: passed my 2.6.x compatibility test with no changes required

in the debian images i tried to keep changes to a minimum apart from those needed to pass my tests

the gentoo deluxe image had a few other changes made see this post on the colinux-devel mailing list for more details --Note from image author: the gentoo deluxe image for Colinux 2.6 was always bloated...and is now outdated. Get the straight stage3 install that is the "Now 2GB" download, and emerge what you need. works correctly too with 2.6.x kernel (tested with a v0.7.1 colinux snapshot): the only problem to boot this image is that the image has all the content into a src directory! So to use this image you need to mount it using loopback devices, move all content from src path to root path of the image and after umount it and start it.

To do all this stuff you should do this:

mkdir /mnt/tmp_image
mount -o loop /path/to/fc3_minimal_root_fs /mnt/tmp_image
mv /mnt/tmp_image/src/* /mnt/tmp_image/ -R
umount /mnt/tmp_image
rmdir /mnt/tmp_image -f

this stuff is untested but it should work

Remember that to boot fc images you need to add ro to boot kernel parameter or you can have problems.

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